Orange Carpet with spotlights


Designing Our Future Orange Carpet Recognition

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Message from President Terenzio

As we chart our second 100 years with our new Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan, we wish to use the “Designing Our Future Orange Carpet Recognition” event as a true celebration of Coby’s new direction and of our community. This year, we plan to recognize our community members’ exemplary work in how they fulfill our vision, honor our mission, and live our values. Each member of this community contributes to the entire enterprise and we wish to showcase these deeds. They define the next century and will build the foundation for our:

As a premier educational institution of agriculture and technology, SUNY Cobleskill calls all learners to grow, to sustain and to renew the world and its citizens.

SUNY Cobleskill sets the standard for applied education that extends theory into practice. We cultivate our students to positively affect the cultural, natural, social and technological forces in their lives.

SUNY Cobleskill is a campus community characterized by empathy, inclusivity, respect, personal growth, integrity and a collaborative spirit fostering well-being and sustainable practices. We recognize and celebrate students, faculty and staff achievements. We take pride in our campus and encourage collaboration with our surrounding communities.

To sustain a thriving and effective College.


Criteria & Categories

The criteria for nominations are very broad, and described into three categories. The descriptions that follow serve as examples, and feel free to think of your own as it exemplifies one of these three categories.

Fulfilling our Vision
Examples of how you or someone from Coby has assisted “all learners” (not just our students) in their pursuits. This could include working with small children, tutoring, mentoring faculty and staff, taking students on trips, keeping the campus safe and learning spaces in excellent condition, assisting surrounding communities, etc.

Honoring our Mission
Examples of how you or someone from Coby has either created, mentored or taught students or members of other communities in applied learning opportunities (This could include creating partnership opportunities, assisting student clubs in service learning, creating and maintaining  state of the art applied learning spaces, finding resources to support applied learning, etc.)

Examples of how you or someone from Coby had a direct role in student impact on outside forces either through classroom work, research, health and wellness interventions, policy changes, etc.

Living our Values
Examples of how you or someone from Coby has either assisted community members in need, provided support to community members who experienced a hardship, took the lead or participated in activities that promoted respect and inclusivity.


Nomination Submissions

Use the form below to nominate a colleague, yourself, or a group whose achievement exhibits one of the three categories above.