Contact Wendy Gilman or Carol Vosatka with questions, comments or suggestions.

Wendy Gilman
VP of Business & Finance

Carol Vosatka
Director of Business Affairs

Budget Requests

To ensure we are making the most efficient use of resources – both human and fiscal – we are continuing the process started last year of consolidating requests for funding for 2018-19 into a single document.

Departments can find the Budget Request form below as an Excel template to download for their use. Note that there is a separate form for IFR requests. The completed budget requests should be forwarded by the individual departments to the respective Dean or Director for review. The Deans and Directors will then forward all budget documents to the appropriate cabinet member for final sign-off. Once approved, the final request should be uploaded with the button below by the respective cabinet member, no later than Friday, February 2, where they will be checked for completeness and compiled into a single report. This report will be shared with the (FASP) to prepare for budget discussions.

Final submission deadline is Friday, February 2, 2018.
Due to the change in process this year, late submissions will not be accepted.


*Please Note: After opening the Excel sheet, make sure you click "Enable Editing" in the top yellow bar to access all editing features.