Communications Guide

Institutional image is the sum of all information and experiences that stakeholders have with an institution. Every contact between institution and stakeholder builds that image, for better or worse, and will influence stakeholder willingness to either provide or withhold support for the institution -- as a prospective student, prospective employee, donor, corporate partner, or legislator.


The reputation of SUNY Cobleskill depends, in part, upon how the College is perceived, thus it is critical that identity be consistently communicated to all stakeholders and constituents. SUNY Cobleskill's Offices of College Relations and Communications and Marketing are charged with:


  • assisting the campus community with the process of providing information;
  • influencing opinion and promoting understanding of the mission and programs of the College;
  • promoting the SUNY Cobleskill brand by consistently and effectively implementing communications strategies; 
  • providing creative services and guidance.


In order to enhance SUNY Cobleskill's reputation and image, the Offices of College Relations and Communications and Marketing is responsible for assuring consistency of image and quality in all College communications. The offices' goals are to assist constituents in communicating messages to intended audiences in a professional and cost-effective manner. 


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