Media Contact Policy

All matters involving promotion of SUNY Cobleskill to external audiences must be reviewed first with the Office of Communications and Marketing. This holds true for publicity being prepared for outside dissemination to the media and key external audiences and for queries to the campus from print and electronic media reporters, producers, etc.


Plans for external promotion should be presented first to the Office of Communications and Marketing for review. Queries from outside media contacts should be directed first to the Office of Communications and Marketing for handling.


These procedures are necessary to assure that the institution is fully aware of any and all such communications (in either direction), and that the information, graphics and the messages we convey are consistent, clear, accurate, professional, and wherever necessary, properly reviewed at appropriate levels by senior management.


The college encourages initiatives to help promote SUNY Cobleskill, its people and programs, and stands ready to assist in such efforts.


In order to best facilitate consistent, clear and effective media communication, only authorized spokespersons for SUNY Cobleskill are permitted to speak on behalf of the organization or authorize others to do so.


Should a member of the media contact an employee and ask to speak about SUNY Cobleskill or anything pertaining to the manner in which SUNY Cobleskill has, plans to, or currently conducts its business, the employee shall refer him/her to the Office of Communications and Marketing or an authorized spokesperson. The authorized spokesperson for SUNY Cobleskill is:


Jim Feldman  
Director of Communications and Marketing