Press Coverage

Help the Communications & Marketing Office get the story out about exciting developments at SUNY Cobleskill. Use the information on this page to make the most of C&M’s media distribution services.

We consider the same news values taught to every reporter and editor. The ones that most concern us are:

  • Timeliness
    • Something upcoming, that just happened, or is happening now.
    • For us, it means we need to know in advance so we can get the word out to appropriate media outlets and get reporters here if appropriate and possible.
    • If something newsworthy is about to happen, please let us know as far in advance as possible.
  • Impact
    • Addresses the question, “Who is this important to?” The more people affected, the more newsworthy.
    • For us, it means capitalizing on trends like farm-to-table and STEM, highlighting initiatives or events that have community or regional implications, or addressing state or national issues.
    • Note: It is our job to view this from the eyes of reporters and editors. We know there are lots of reasons more people should care about lots of things — and sometimes we can make that case. But we need to be realistic with our expectations and pitches.
    • Examples:
      • Fermentation Science got national coverage via the Associated Press – brewing is big (yes, it is more than that — but that’s why it got covered).
      • Our water monitoring work on the Mohawk River gets coverage for its broad implications for many communities in the region.
      • START-UP NY news always gets coverage because it is a hot-button issue at the state level
      • Institute for Rural Vitality involves regional partners and has regional implications
  • Prominence
    • If it involves a well-known public figure, it is more likely to get coverage.
    • For us, that could be a visit by a government official, but it also includes things like Chef Yono participating in our Culinary Extravaganza.
  • Novelty
    • Only. Best. Unusual.
    • Our Therapeutic Horsemanship is an excellent example of novelty because it is new to most people.
    • We were the first in SUNY to implement an Applied Learning
  • Human Interest
    • These are just good, person-focused stories.
    • Examples:
      • Anthony Yevoli overcomes leukemia to return to the lacrosse field.
      • Alexis Halstead wins national timbersports championship

Other News Values of Less Concern for Us:

  • Proximity. Readers care about news that is geographically close to them. The bigger the news, the farther it can reach.
  • Conflict. This covers things like crime, politics, war, natural disasters, etc.
  • Currency. This refers to trends in news and culture. They can be long-term trends (like the farm-to-table trend) or cyclical things like back-to-school season, summer fashion, etc.

Press Releases or Blog Posts

If a story fits one or more of those criteria really well, a press release may be appropriate. We have a variety of curated distribution lists for different topics to get the news to the most receptive audience.

If the event/news item has already happened or is mostly of interest within the SUNY Cobleskill community, we will write it up as a blog post and push it out via social media.


What We Need to Know

  • Advance notice of an event or activity
  • Basic details: who, what, where, when, why
  • A quote or two from organizers or prominent participants
    • These should add some personality to the release and give some “insider” context for why it’s important. They should be 2-3 sentences at most. C&M can help craft quotes if needed.
  • Photos
    • Should be as high resolution as possible
    • Should be horizontal/landscape orientation
    • Should have basic caption information: WHO is doing WHAT 

How to Tell Us

  • Use the Communications & Marketing Request Form on our office webpage to make a formal request and initiate the discussion.
  • For upcoming news stories and events, email or call Jim Feldman, Director of Communications & Marketing