Finding Grants

SUNY Cobleskill utilizes the Community of Science (COS) online grants database to identify and track available funding opportunities from private, state and federal government sources.


Faculty and Staff can directly access Community of Science/COS one of two ways:


  1. IP Access
    From any on-campus computer, a user can go right
    to Users can immediately
    begin searching the database from on-campus computers.
  2. Username and Password
    Faculty and staff can log into 
    with a COS username and password anytime, anywhere.
    Logging in this way will take the user to his or her COS
    Workbench. From the COS Workbench, the user can
    search Funding Opps, Expertise, and set up Alerts.
    Username and password access is necessary when
    a) a user is off-campus, or b) when a user needs
    to save a Funding record or search.



If you prefer an in-person tutorial for an individual or group,
contact Barry Gell at to schedule a time.