Parent/Guardian Information

In certain situations parents/guardians will receive notification of student conduct outcomes. The College expects that parents/guardians will value this effort at communication and collaboration and will use the information to advise their students (sons/daughters) accordingly.


Tips for Parents and Families


  • Reiterate to your student about the values you have taught them while they were at your home, how they can relate to the college home and what your expectation for the future at college will be.
  • Encourage your student for an opportunity to give you all the information of the violation/behavior that took place. While having that conversation keep telling your student you are there for them no matter what and you want them to be successful regardless of what the violation was.
  • Give the support for the student to take responsibility for the decision making they made in that certain situation and give them better decision making skills so these actions will not take place again.
  • Please contact the Student Conduct Office at the contact information listed below. Please be aware that do to the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) information that you request might not be told to you unless your student fills out a release form.