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SUNY Cobleskill offers professional educational programs at an affordable price. SUNY Cobleskill is the right choice, right now, to change your future.

The road to success is paved with good intentions, but do you feel like you’ve gotten lost without a GPS? Are you bored with your job? Do you need to make more money? Are you looking to upgrade your skills? Need to retrain for another career but wonder where to fit it in? The right training and education can open the door to a brighter, more productive future. SUNY Cobleskill offers the following credit certificate programs:



How to Apply



Contact the Office of Professional and Continuing Education - 518.255.5528




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How do I enroll and when do my classes start?

The enrollment process for certificate programs starts in the Office of Professional and Continuing Education. We can answer some general questions, take down the necessary contact information, and provide you with some of the paperwork needed to get you started. If needed, we will also connect you with the faculty member assigned to your certificate.

Credit-bearing certificates start in the fall, spring or summer and are subject to the college's schedule, as well as policies and procedures.

Non-credit certificates are more flexible in their delivery. They are based on interest. They are assigned expected starting dates, but these dates are subject to change based on enrollment. All non-credit bearing certificates have a required minimum number of students to run. These certificates usually kick-off with an open house where students are given the opportunity to talk with the faculty to have questions answered. Students complete all the needed paperwork and if the minimum number of students is reached, classes start as originally proposed. Start dates may be delayed to accommodate the application process, and then the schedule will be modified.

What is the difference between a credit-bearing certificate program and a non-credit bearing?

Credit-bearing means the student will receive college credit for the courses they take for their certificate. Courses will appear on a transcript from SUNY Cobleskill and may be used to further the student's education, should they wish to enroll in a degree program. Students will pay tuition and related fees and become a non-matriculated student of SUNY Cobleskill. They receive the benefits of a SUNY student – they may get a college ID, parking sticker etc. They may also be eligible for financial aid. Credit-bearing certificates are subject to the college's calendar and offerings. Courses are offered on a semester-basis, and courses must be taken when they are offered. If a certificate program is popular, and the minimum number of students needed to run a program is achieved, the Office of Professional and Continuing Education earning would pursue offering the classes needed for the certificate during the evening, or on Saturdays.

Non-credit bearing means students receive professional training or a set of skills. Non-credit bearing certificates are designed for working adults seeking professional education and development. Students are not looking to obtain a college credit or pursue a college degree, but rather train for a new career. Students are not eligible for financial aid but may apply for low interest career training loans from Sallie Mae. Students may also seek funding assistance from local employment resources such as the Department of Labor's local One-Stop Career Centers.

For example, our Meat Processing and Food Safety Certificate is a month-long non-credit training providing participants with the skills needed to work or own their own USDA-approved meat processing facility. They may also be employed as butchers in stores or restaurants.

How long will it take to complete my certificate?

The time it takes to complete a certificate depends on the certificate. Credit bearing certificates will usually take the longest to complete because they are subject to the college calendar and course availability. Non-credit certificates are designed with working adults in mind. Many can be completed in a short time so the student may continue to work while they train. The goal is to have the student able to enter the workforce, shortly after training.


Is funding available?

Credit-bearing certificates may be eligible for financial aid. Students interested in talking with our financial aid staff can contact us at 255-5528 to schedule an appointment.

Non-credit bearing career training certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid from the college. Some financial support may be available from your local Workforce Solutions Center/One-Stop Career Center. Visit your local office to discuss financial assistance. Please note: Medical Transcription is not eligible for assistance from the local career centers. Students may be eligible for career training loans. Interest rates vary depending upon your credit standing. Payments may be distributed over many years. For more information, please visit

Installment payment plans are available through the Office of Professional and Continuing Education. You may pay in full, or distribute your payments out at no additional cost. A $50 non-refundable registration fee will be assessed at the time of registration. Please note: no refunds will be given if you do not complete your training.

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