The college has developed an Institutional Effectiveness Plan and Guidebook. This document serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and administrators across all campus operations. Included are background information about the integrated processes of planning, budgeting, and assessment; guidance for developing assessment plans at the institutional and unit levels; and suggested practices for collecting, analyzing, and using data for improvement of student learning and college operations. Timelines and responsible parties are highlighted.

Institutional Assessment Committee Charge

The mission of this group will be to oversee and provide support for all areas of the college in developing and assessing outcomes. It will be responsible for ensuring the continual assessment of institutional effectiveness, including academic program outcomes. This group will plan for appropriately responding to assessment results in a constructive manner and ensuring that areas 'close the loop' of assessment.


•  Review best practices locally and nationally and provide samples for academic and non-academic assessment processes

•  Continue to gather information on all assessment activities currently being done on campus, including providing support for data collection efficiencies

•  Advocate for changes by faculty governance committees which will encourage/enhance assessment on campus

•  Working with Curriculum Committee to encourage and support the inclusion ofcourse/program outcomes in new course proposals and course outlines

•  Identify and provide workshops on assessment (Professional Development)

•  Maintain a SUNY Cobleskill template for program reviews

•  Maintain SUNY Cobleskill Assessment website with links to all above information

•  Continue to make collection processes more efficient using tools and software

•  Develop and maintain academic program review template and procedures

•  Develop and support a process for assessing universal student competencies


Committee Membership


Alisha Bradshaw – Keyboard Specialist 2

JoAnna Brosnan – Institutional Studies Assistant

David Campbell –  Professor

James Dutcher – Chief Information Officer

Doug Hammond – Associate Professor

Frank Lawrence –  Chief UPD

Abbey Perkins –  Residence Hall Director

Allan Quinn –  Facilities Planning Coordinator

Amy Quinn – Assistant Professor

Karl Schwarzenegger – Associate Professor

Christina Trees – Associate Professor