Course Evaluations

Student feedback is a great source of information for faculty to use in the continuous improvement of courses and teaching. Every faculty member is urged to seek feedback from their students in every course taught. Because we have not yet standardized a course evaluation tool, faculty have several choices. Click here for one form that is appropriate for in-class use.  Also available are guidelines for administration and use of student course evaluations.


Note that faculty need to provide course objectives on the second page of this form. Another form is available on Angel for those of you who utilize that system for course support. Or you may have your own form.


Regardless of which form you use, please note the following guidelines:


  • Schedule end-of-term evaluations in the last two weeks of the semester.
  • Discuss with students the importance of the evaluations and how they will be used by the faculty member, the department, and the college for the improvement of instruction.
  • Have students complete the forms anonymously.
  • For course evaluations conducted in class rather than online:
  1. Provide an envelope for all students to insert the completed surveys.
  2. Assign a student volunteer to seal the envelope, write his/her name across the envelope seal, and deliver the envelope to the respective school secretary.
  3. Faculty must not be present when the evaluations are being completed and should not collect the forms.
  • Faculty may not review end-of-term forms until after final grades are submitted.


At this time, results of course evaluations are for the use of individual faculty. As such, faculty are responsible for collecting and analyzing the data for their courses; there is no college-supported analysis of the results.


Note that only faculty members who are seeking reappointment, tenure, or promotion are required to administer course evaluations. Faculty seeking merit pay, should it be available, must complete course evaluations in all their courses