Universal Learning Competencies

Recommended to the SUNY Cobleskill Curriculum Committee, November 2010 

Endorsed by the SUNY Cobleskill Faculty, January 2011.

The following areas will be assessed within each academic disciplines' assessment process.


SUNY Cobleskill Graduates will be competent in the following areas:


Critical thinking

Identifying, analyzing, and evaluating arguments and problems as they occur in their own work or the work of others; and developing well-reasoned arguments and solutions

•Assignment Examples: Case Study, Essay, Experiment


Oral and written communication

Produce coherent texts within college level writing norms and being proficient in oral discourse


Information literacy

Recognizing when information is needed; locating, evaluating, and effectively using information in its various formats


Social responsibility

Considering the impact and being accountable for the effects that one’s actions might have on society (individuals, groups and the environment)



Working as part of team (attributes of teamwork include cultural competence, working with others, being aware of who is doing what, taking on different roles and responsibilities; and resolving disagreements amicably)



It is recommended that each program/area identify its own method of measuring those competencies that are relevant to it.  There may be varying degrees of competence expected of students in Associate and Bachelors programs.