Getting an Internship

Take the Internship Orientation Course (if offered by your department). The course is typically one credit, meeting 50 minutes once a week for 15 weeks.


The course teaches:


  • purpose and benefits of doing an internship
  • helps you create a vision for your future and explore possible careers
  • resume writing
  • interviewing skills
  • professionalism in the workplace
  • dining etiquette (in case you find yourself at a business lunch or dinner)
  • helps you develop objectives that you want to accomplish during your internship
  • understand responsibilities: yours, your site supervisor and your faculty supervisor
  • identifying a site that is right for you
  • internship search skills (including communications with employers by phone and email)
  • internship paperwork: how to complete forms and signatures required
  • timeline to guide your personal internship search
  • how to put together your internship presentation


Work with your Faculty Supervisor, who will be supervising you while you are out on internship. See your Faculty Advisor regarding internship and getting assigned to a Faculty Supervisor. Your Faculty Supervisor has a lot of experience with internships, has built relationships with several sites through the years, and may have some great ideas for potential internship sites. Your Faculty Supervisor not only supervises your internship and visits your site, but awards your credit at the end of your internship. It is important to work closely with your Faculty Supervisor throughout the internship search process.

  • Center for Career Development
  • Van Wagenen Library
  • Room 109
  • 142 Schenectady Ave
  • Cobleskill, NY 12043
  • Phone: 518-255-5624
  • Fax: 518-255-5263
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