You can do an internship to build a resume and gain experience in the field are interested in at any time during your academic experience. You may not get credit for this experience, but when put on a resume, it will help you stand-out.


The following guidelines are for internships students do in order to fulfill the graduation requirements for a bachelor degree.


Required GPA: 2.0
Early Childhood students need a GPA of 2.5 to qualify for internship.
Applied Psychology students need a GPA of 2.5 and ALL other course work complete, to qualify for internship.


Number of Hours: 
600 hours (which is working 40 hours a week for 15 weeks)


Applied Psychology students:

480 hours over a 15 week period


Early Childhood students: 
450 hours over a 15 week period



Number of Credits Received:


School of Agriculture:

  • 15 credits for internship in Ag Business, Animal Science
  • 12 credits for the internship in Plant Science and three credits for reporting
  • 9 credits for internship in Ag Equipment Technology and 6 credits for reporting


School of Business and Liberal Arts and Sciences: 

  • Business: 1 credit for Internship Orientation course, 9 credits for internship and 3 credits for reporting/presentation
  • Early Childhood: 1 credit for Internship Orientation course, 8 credits for the internship and 4 credits for the reporting/ presentation
  • AgBiotech: BIOL 480 – 6 credits for internship/special project
  • Applied Psychology:  PSYC 470 - 12 credits for internship graded S/U and PSYC 410 - 3 credit co-requisite, graded A-F


Refer to the Histotechnician program description for its special internship requirements

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