Center for Environmental Science
and Technology

Welcome to the new Center for Environmental Science and Technology (CEST), a place of study, learning, inquiry, and discovery. The beautiful new CEST building with its energy and water conserving measures is a tangible sign of the SUNY Cobleskill commitment to sustainable use of natural resources, and a principle embedded in the SUNY Strategic Plan, The Power of SUNY, and our own College Strategic Plan, The Second Century Strategic Plan. But the Center for Environmental Science and Technology is more than a beautiful new building. It is also a knowledge center of people, programs, ideas, and dreams. This center will bring together faculty from different departments, industry scientists and technicians, farmers, government officials and agency professionals for study and research.

There are three key functions for the Center for Environmental Science and Technology. First, the Center is offering the new Bachelor of Technology Degree in Environmental and Energy Technologies that will give students a solid foundation in the sciences and a technical focus on one of three program specializations: Water Resources Management, Renewable Energy Technologies, and Waste Management Technologies. This interdisciplinary degree will prepare students for continued study at the graduate level or for job entry in the energy, water, or waste management professions.

The second principal function of the Center is the creation and application of new knowledge through applied research. Work has begun on the federally-funded biowaste to bioenergy research project, a collaborative effort between SUNY Cobleskill and its private industry partner, W2E. This project, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Energy, is centered on a prototype rotary kiln gasifier in which waste feedstocks such as manure and cafeteria wastes will be evaluated for production of syngas by gasification. The research is designed to also test and evaluate the syngas for powering engines. The driving concept for this research is that wastes can be a resource that plays a role in providing locally produced renewable energy.


The third principal function of the Center is the dissemination of knowledge in key center knowledge areas – water and soil resources, waste management, and renewable energy – to practitioners, technicians, farmers, teachers, among others, by short term training and professional development programs in collaboration with industry and government agency partners. The faculty and staff of the Center for Environmental Science and Technology are embarking on a journey to a future defined by sustainable use of natural resources for the collective benefit of the local community, region, state and country.

Center Staff:

Dr. John J. Kowal, CEST Director

Dr. Douglas M. Goodale, Principal Investigator, Biowaste to Bioenergy Research Project

Dr. Ahmed Soliman, Visiting Associate Professor, Renewable Energy Technologies

Mr. David Waage, Technical Coordinator, Biowaste to Bioenergy Research Project

Mr. Gary Collins, Operations Technician, Biowaste to Bioenergy Research Project