Ross University

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (D.V.M.)


Ross University will accept for admission to its educational program leading to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (D.V.M.) all graduates of SUNY Cobleskill, into Ross University, who successfully complete selected courses described in Exhibit A and or as otherwise reviewed and approved in writing by Ross University (hereinafter the “Approved Programs”) in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


In addition to completing one of the Approved Programs, a student must meet the following minimum requirements in order to be admitted to Ross University pursuant to this Agreement:


a. An overall Grade Point Average of 3.25 or higher;


b. A Grade Point Average of 3.25 or higher in all courses designated by Ross University as pre-requisites for admission;


c. No grades below a “C” in any pre-requisite course designated by Ross University;


d. A combined score (verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning) of 300 or higher on the Graduate Record Exam Test;


e. A recommendation for admission by the department chair or academic advisor; and


f. A recommendation for admission by a Ross University Admissions interviewer who has interviewed the applicant in person.


g. Completion of at least 200 hours of supervised work experience by a licensed veterinarian.


Exhibit A


(Through Bachelor of Technology in Animal Science, Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology  programs)


All SUNY Cobleskill applicants must have completed either the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Technology degree and ALL of the following prerequisite courses:


  • Fundamentals of Biology I with Lab
  • Fundamentals of Biology II with Lab
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry I with Lab
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry II with Lab
  • Organic Chemistry I with Lab
  • Physics I with Lab
  • Two Advanced Biology Courses from the following topics: cell biology, parasitology, microbiology or genetics.
  • Biochemistry (one semester)
  • Two Semesters of Mathematics (Calculus is required and Statistics is highly recommended)
  • College English Comp I and II (2 semesters)


For more information, read the full “partnership” agreement.