Student Testimonials

For me, being an Honors Student has been a great opportunity to make the most of my education. Even though I apply myself to any and every class I am in, the Honors Program allows me to focus on areas of interest, hone my assessing, writing, and presenting skills. I have enjoyed the close-knit colloquia, appreciated the additional interaction with my teachers which special projects provided, and been proud to be a part of a discerning and dedicated academic community. Being in the Honors Program has increased my motivation to be well-rounded in  my academic career, encouraging me to set the bar even higher for myself.”

            -Emma Tiner, Honors Student



“To me, being an Honors Student entails a responsibility to pursue a higher degree of academic achievement and to assist underclassmen in the quest for academic and professional success. It involves contemplating concepts beyond the scope of conventional courses that transcend disciplines. It revolves around a thirst for knowledge and a pledge to better the campus community and leads to being a more fulfilled individual. Plus, there is the added benefit of red caps at graduation!”

         - Natalie Kirkwyland, 2014 Spring Graduate