Add/Drop Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Current Students
  3. Click on the BANNER WEB button
  4. Click here to securely login. (Enter Secure Area)
  5. Enter your SUNY Cobleskill ID Number (the nine-digit number that begins with “8”). In the next field enter your PIN number. If you have not already used the system, you will need to follow the directions on the screen to change your PIN to a new six digit number.
  6. Click on login.
  7. At the Main Menu screen, click on Student Services.
  8. At the Student Services Screen, click on Registration.
  9. At the Registration Screen, click on Add or Drop Classes.
  10. At the Registration Term, be sure that the current term appears in the term box and then click Submit.
  11. (If Applicable, at the Alternate PIN Verification Screen, enter the Alt Pin number (you obtain this number from your advisor). Click on submit.)
  12. You may now enter the CRN’s for your courses. When you are done, click on the Submit Changes button. Your courses and/or any errors that prevented your registration will be displayed. Scroll down the screen to check your registration. If there are errors, make the necessary changes to your schedule based on the error message(s) displayed.

Helpful Hints


  • Be sure to register for all parts of a class. Example: If you register for Chem 111, you must also register for Chem 111X and Chem 111Y.
  • Use the menu button to move between screens. DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON as this will cause errors to your course registration.
  • If at any point you get a "blank screen" or a screen that says you have "request failed" click on the Refresh button - this should correct the problem.
  • If you are a full-time student be sure that you register for a minimum of 12 credits.

Some Common Error Messages


Time Conflict
Course meeting times overlap. Choose an alternate section of one of the courses that overlap.


Closed Course
The maximum enrollment for this course has been met. Register for another section or course.


Link Error
You have registered for only one component of a course. You need to be sure to have all components of a course. You will need to re-enter all components of the course.


Prerequisite/Test Score Error
You have tried to register for a course that you have not met the prerequisite for. A prerequisite is a course or courses that are required to be completed before registering for an advanced level course.