College in the High School Program

The College in High School Program (CIHS) is a dual enrollment enrichment partnership between SUNY Cobleskill and area secondary schools. Seniors (or juniors with advanced standing) are able to earn college credit at reduced tuition while concurrently attending high school. Courses are college-level experiences taught by qualified high school faculty (as adjunct professors at SUNY) during the regular school day and following the regular high school academic calendar within the high school setting.


Benefits of CIHS

  • Students gain a head start on earning college credits prior to enrolling in college and may gain advanced standing.
  • Students transition into college level rigor by engaging in college courses. They can acquire confidence they can succeed in college courses.
  • Courses can target a broader range of students within a wider range of academic disciplines.
  • Students may save money on college costs.
  • Participation in this program can address student rigor for high school seniors through more efficient use of seniors' time.
  • Aspiring students strengthen their college applications and make them more competitive by signaling motivation and preparedness.
  • Closer collaboration between high school teachers and college faculty enhance networking and professional development while also increasing understanding of curriculum common to high school and college.
  • This program provides for another ongoing avenue of professional growth for high school instructors.
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College in High School Program

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