PDF Icon  Academic Leave Request

Use as a current student when you voluntarily leave the College for any reason, but plan to return in the future. You must complete any semester currently in progress and have an overall GPA of at least a 2.00 to be considered for Academic Leave. This form requires approval and helps notify all departments and areas in the College that need to know of a student's change in matriculation status.

PDF Icon  Academic Transcript Request

Use as a student when SUNY Cobleskill course credits need to be transferred to another institution in the form of an official transcript. Forms must be filled out completely, including the signature, and faxed or mailed to the Registrar’s Office. Requests are not always handled immediately and may take up to ten business days.  Transcripts are NOT faxed, but delivered through the mail. There is no additional fee for this service, however, if a students has a hold on their account, the transcript request will not be honored.

PDF Icon  Add / Drop Form

Use as a student with your advisor and instructors to: 
1. Add a course that has a filled section with the approval of the instructor.
2. Obtain approval(s) for enrolling in over 19.5 credits for a semester. 
3. Enroll in a course that requires an instructor signature because the student has not completed a prerequisite course.
4. Enroll in a Special Projects course.
5. Add courses after the normal registration period is over.

PDF Icon  Bachelor Degree Student – Application for Associate Degree

Complete this form if you are a Bachelor’s degree student that has completed the requirements for an associate’s degree and would like this additional recognition. The form requires only the student’s signature and gets submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

PDF Icon  Course Selection

Use as a student during pre-registration, generally with your advisor. The form allows the student to place the courses they need for the semester in a day/time framework on the right side of the form. The CRN numbers that correspond with these courses are identified on the left side of the form along with the title of the course and the credit hours. This form makes registration easy since it allows you to find schedule conflicts before you begin preregistering. This form should be used with a review of your degree evaluation from DegreeWorks.

PDF Icon  Course Withdrawal

Use as a student to withdraw from a class during the time period of weeks 2 – 10 . (During the first week the Add/Drop form should be used.) Students must be aware of the impact of carrying a course load fewer than twelve credits may have on housing, Financial Aid and sport eligibility. A grade of “W” will be posted on the student’s transcript for this course. There is no cost to withdraw from a course.

PDF Icon  Cross Registration Form (SUNY)

Use to register for a course(s) at another institution while also being enrolled at SUNY Cobleskill. 

PDF Icon  Diploma Replacement Request

Use as an alumnus to request a replacement copy of your diploma through the Office of the Registrar.

PDF Icon  FERPA Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion Request

Use as a student to request that "directory information" (open the form to read more about what that constitutes) NOT be released to non-university personnel or listed in the campus directory. Please consider the consequences of a decision to withhold directory information. Some effects may be:
• Friends, relatives, faculty or other students will not be able to access your contact information while a student or after you become an alum.
• Information will be suppressed, so that if a loan company, perspective employer, family member, etc., inquire about you, they will be informed that we have no record.
• Your name will not be included in announcement of honors, awards or in the program for commencement.

PDF Icon  FERPA Revocation of Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion Request

Use as a student to remove a previously requested Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion and allow SUNY Cobleskill to release directory information from our student record for you.

PDF Icon  FERPA Student Records Access Authorization

As a student, you must complete this form to allow your parent or guardian to discuss your academic progress. Details on FERPA can be found at

PDF Icon  FERPA Student Records Access Authorization (Alumni/Former Students ONLY)

Use as a former student or alumnus to release information to another party. This record does not include Financial Aid, Billing or Medical Records, only Academic Records. The record will be provided in the form of an official transcript and, if retained, documents contained in the student file.;


PDF Icon  Graduation Application

This application is to be used only by students who are no longer attending Cobleskill. For May graduation, the form must be submitted by the last week in April, for August graduation, the first week in August, and for December graduation, the form must be submitted by the first week in December.

PDF Icon  Internship Course Substitution Form

Use if you would like to request that appropriate work experience and/or academic courses be used to substitute your bachelor degree internship requirement.

PDF Icon  Part-Time Non-Matriculated Application

Use if you are not already enrolled at SUNY Cobleskill and wish to take a course or courses, but not full-time. Read the top of the form for more details.

PDF Icon  Request for Late Registration for Internship

Use to request permission to register for an internship after the registration deadline.

PDF Icon  Student Change of Status

The most commonly used form, as a student, you need to submit this whenever you make a change to your academic program; necessary when you change majors; request a substitution in program by taking a course on another campus; or when you request a change in your date of matriculation. This form is signed first by your advisor and then depending on the request, signatures of the chair and/or dean will also be needed.

PDF Icon  Student Information Change

Use as a student if you need to change information that occurs on our records such as your permanent address, your name, your birth date, your social security number or your gender. Some changes require documentation for proof – please read the form for full details.