COMM 315 - Contemporary Issues Mass Media

This is a media literacy course that examines mass media's relationship with society in intellectual, economic, political, and social contexts. It requires research projects, presentations, classroom discussion and extensive readings and observations of mass media outlets. It is for upper-level communications majors and students in all bachelors programs. Of particular interest will be the corporate culture of media, particularly media consolidation, as well as government regulation. Burgeoning internet media will also be a focus, including news blogging and the controversy over Network Neutrality. We will also examine media bias, the relationship between a healthy press and democracy, and other controversies and legislation (Telcom Act of 1996, Fairness Doctrine, etc). In addition, the course will explore key issues regarding print, radio, TV, and film. Prerequisite: ENGL101 or higher [Fall, Spring] Liberal Arts/Sciences Elective, Lib Arts/Sci Upper Level