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Environmental Studies (A.A.S.)


The significant concern in society about environmental quality has generated a need for technically-trained environmental specialists and natural resource managers. An A.A.S. in Environmental Studies at SUNY Cobleskill prepares students for beginning an exciting career in environmental protection in the public or private sectors. The study of soil erosion, water pollution, natural resources protection, ecology, and the world of plants, with a strong foundation in the natural sciences provides a diverse program which prepares students for job entry or bachelor’s programs. The Environmental Studies program involves significant learning experiences through laboratory activities, exciting field trips and interaction with natural resource and environmental professionals. Excellent laboratory facilities are utilized for extensive hands-on learning in chemistry, biology, botany, soil science, water resources, geology, ecology and computer applications. Extensive land provides numerous opportunities for investigating forests, cropland and stream system environments, all within a short walking distance of the Plant Science classrooms and laboratories.