Trout in the classroom

Trout in the classroom is an effort to get high school students and teachers involved in raising trout in the classroom.  The coldwater rearing system includes a 100 gallon shallow tough, a submersible water pump, a chiller capable of bringing the water temperature down to 40ºF, a biofilter, aeration system, plumbing supplies, egg and fry baskets, fish, food and a curriculum written for high school students. 


High school students visit the SUNY Cobleskill hatchery and spawn trout. They take the eggs back to their schools and rear the eggs in a coldwater system that we provide.  The students raise the fish until June when they release them in a local trout stream.  Trout in the classroom gives students and teachers exposure to biology, chemistry, math and the care and maintenance of aquatic animals, while getting them involved in a local fisheries restoration project.  Trout in the classroom is a program started by a USDA challenge grant held at SUNY Cobleskill and has completed its first pilot year of five high schools implementing the program.  For more information on trout in the class room, email Dr. John Foster at


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