Wildlife Internships

Internships are an integral component of the Bachelor of Technology degree. Students conduct their 15-week internship at one of many federal and state wildlife agencies, corporate environmental firms, nature centers, zoos, and a wide variety of educational institutions. Often times, students received their first permanent position at their internship site immediately upon graduation.



  • Amphibian Population Monitoring in New Jersey
  • Avian Malaria in Hawaii
  • Environmental Education in New Jersey, New York, and Maine
  • Rattlesnake Distribution in Pennsylvania
  • Radio-telemetry of Black Bears in New Jersey
  • Radio-telemetry of California Condors in Arizona
  • Radio-telemetry of Ducks in Michigan
  • Radio-telemetry of White-tailed deer in SC and Virginia
  • Seabird Genetics in Alaska
  • Songbird Banding in Connecticut
  • Wildlife Assessments in Louisiana
  • Wetland Delineation and GIS in New York
  • Wetland Creation and Mitigation in Virginia
  • Wetland Mitigation in New York