Financial Planning Certificate



The Financial Planning Certificate is comprised of the core courses in the Financial Services B.B.A. program. Students will have the option to earn the certificate along with the B.B.A. The certificate also allows other individuals who currently hold a baccalaureate degree to take the financial planning courses required to sit for the CFP® examination. Once students have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree and the certificate coursework, they will have the knowledge needed to sit for the CFP® exam certification. Program Details >


Students will learn the fundamentals of the financial planning process including:


  •  investment and income tax planning
  •  insurance and retirement planning
  •  employee benefits and estate planning


Students will be trained as professionals who are proficient and have a solid grounding in the workings of financial institutions, brokerage houses, insurance companies, estate agencies, financial planning firms and tax accounts.

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Admission Requirements


Students who wish to enroll in this certificate program must possess a bachelor's degree or be enrolled in SUNY Cobleskill's Financial Services B.B.A. program.





Course # Course Title Credits
FSMA 201 Fundamentals of Financial Planning 3
FSMA 325 Insurance and Risk Management 3
  Term Credit Total 6
Course # Course Title Credits
FSMA 300 Investments 3
FSMA 310 Income Tax Planning 3
  Term Credit Total 6
Course # Course Title Credits
FSMA 340 Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning 3
FSMA 410 Estate Planning 3
FSMA 420 Case Studies, Financial Planning 3
  Term Credit Total 9
  Total Program Credit 21