Humanities (A.A.)

Student Learning Outcomes




  • Be culturally literate.
  • Have a basic knowledge of activities and forms of expression particular to the humanities: philosophy, art, music, literature, language, cinema and mass media.
  • Demonstrate competence in at least one of the following areas: philosophy, art, music, literature, language, cinema and mass media.
  • Have developed research skills to a level that enables them to succeed in upper-division courses.
  • Have had the opportunity to study effective communications strategies and to participate in teamwork situations.
  • Be able to use computers and other technological tools as they apply to activities, forms of expression, and disciplines of knowledge in the humanities areas.



Students will:


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the influence of the humanities on intercultural experiences.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the technical and/or aesthetic principles that guide or govern the humanities.
  • Demonstrate coherent interpretations, perspectives or applications of course content.
  • Demonstrate competency in locating, synthesizing, and documenting the use of information from multiple sources.
  • Apply appropriate argumentation and methodology of the discipline
  • Demonstrate competence in sending e-mail, utilizing a course information management system, and locating information in multiple forms (print, electronic, audio, video).