Social Science (A.A.)


The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences has a long history of effective teaching provided by professors who have done distinguished research in diverse areas from urban history to East Asian economics. With courses that provide a stimulating learning environment and invite students to explore the nature of the human social existence at the individual and society-wide level, SUNY Cobleskill’s A.A. program in Social Science is unique and rewarding. In areas such as psychology, sociology, history of the United States, history of Western civilization, economics, and political science, students can take courses which provide a strong foundation for bachelor’s level work at any transfer institution in the country. Furthermore, the department offers courses not typically found at a two-year degree granting institution in the areas of anthropology, archeology, African-American and Native-American studies. With its cooperative relationship with the nearby Iroquois Museum and the People’s Cultural Center of the Salish and Kootenai tribe of Montana, students have a unique opportunity to explore the vast history and distinctive cultures of the Native Nations of North America.