Biological Technology (A.A.S.)


Biological technicians learn a variety of skills applicable in biological science, including biotechnology, one of the largest growing industries in the world. SUNY Cobleskill offers a two-year program of study leading to an A.A.S. degree with a concentration in Biological Technology. Students in this program are provided with a basic foundation in university-level biology, chemistry, mathematics and liberal arts. In addition, specialty courses in microbiology, botany, human physiology, anatomy, organic chemistry, histology, vertebrate biology, physics, instrumental analysis and advanced biological techniques are selected to fine-tune our program to students’ specific career goals. Techniques mastered by students include cell and tissue cultures, basics of animal care and small animal surgery, microbiological methods, contemporary laboratory instrumentation, and recombinant DNA methods. Biological technicians have a unique opportunity to be on the cutting edge of contemporary science in industry, medicine and basic biomedical research. In addition, by choosing proper elective courses, students may easily transfer to a variety of four-year programs.







science students in lab