Advanced Placement

The College awards advanced placement and/or credit based on the New York State College Proficiency Examination Program, the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Examination or College Level Examination Program (CLEP). To be considered, the student must satisfy the entrance requirements of the College and have been accepted and enrolled. To receive advanced placement and/or credit, the applicant must have received a minimum score of 3 on the CEEB Advanced Placement Examination, "C" or better on the College Proficiency Examination or have passed college course examinations. A maximum of 33 hours of credit may be granted. Test scores should be sent to the Office of the Registrar.


Requests for advanced placement and for credit will be received by the Registrar and Academic School Dean. Credits that are granted will be provisional until the student has successfully completed one semester of credit in residence. There is no charge for advanced placement or examination. The College will grant credit only for courses equivalent to those prescribed in the student's curriculum.


Advanced credit may also be awarded for successful completion of Tech Prep and Agri Tech Prep Course work at the secondary level.