Educational Opportunity Program
Admissions Process

The Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is committed to offering higher education opportunities to New York State high school graduates and GED recipients who do not meet general admission criteria, but do demonstrate the capacity to be successful at SUNY Cobleskill.

       To Qualify as an Incoming Freshman

       To Qualify as a Transfer Student

  • You must have been EOP/HEOP, SEEK, or College Discovery Program at your previous or current college. Applicants who were previously in one of these programs must check question 49 on the SUNY application.

       First Things First

Interested students must indicate that they’d like to be considered for EOP on the SUNY application. This will notify the campus and waive the $50 application fee pending your admission into an EOP program and prompt you to submit the SUNY Supplemental EOP Data Form PDF as part of your application.

This form will also be available on the student's applicant portal. Once received, your application will first be reviewed academically and then financially verified for EOP admission. 

       Academic Eligibility

Applicants to the program will be academically reviewed for admission. Meeting our minimum academic requirements allows you to be considered for further review. This does not, however, guarantee admission into the college. 


Eligible freshman applicants will be sent a packet of information, including an EOP Financial Eligibility form. This form must be fully completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office. Having an incomplete form will delay the process. 


Applicants will be sent a letter informing them of the next steps to take if they are academically eligible. 


Note: The EOP Data Form is only for students applying to the College as freshmen. 


       Financial Eligibility

 This phase determines the applicant's financial eligibility by taking into account the income received by each household member. Learn more about Financial Aid. 

The Financial Review Process


After you have made it through the academic review process, the next phase is the financial review process, which will require you to submit a number of documents depending on your household situation as outlined below.


Depending on what you report on your EOP Data Form (available Jan. 2014), the following documents may be requested:


  • EOP Financial Eligibility form: This worksheet will provide us with a number of pieces of family information.
  • Completed FAFSA: A completed and official FAFSA received from the Federal Processor for the 2015-2016 academic year.  This item MUST be received before we can begin your financial review.
  • Federal Tax Return Transcript: A copy of your parent's signed federal tax return transcript.  If the family is able to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRSDRT) to complete the financial section of the FAFSA we do not need a copy of the tax transcript.  We can begin the review process with a copy of parent and/or student tax returns but must have transcript or IRSDRT information to complete the process.
  • Non-filing statement: If your parent(s) indicated they are not filing taxes for the year then an IRS form 4506T must be filed. The documentation received from the IRS will need to be forwarded to the Financial Aid Office. * Note this form needs to be submitted even if you didn’t file.  The document received from the IRS will verify you did not submit a tax return for the requested year.
  • Form W-2: Copy of all W-2s
  • Dependency Override: If you indicated that you reside with a legal guardian. Please note that a letter of support will be needed for all eligible students that complete the Dependency Override form.

     - This letter must be on official letterhead and state the reason for
        the involuntary dissolution of the family.

     - It must also contain a certification that in the third party’s opinion,
        it was in the student’s best interest (physical, mental or other) to leave 
        the home environment.
  • Form 1099: Copy of all 1099 forms (social security received in household).
  • Social Services Compensation: Official document stating the total amount.
  • Supplemental Security Income: Official document stating the total amount.
  • Unemployment Compensation: Official document stating the total amount.
  • Child Support: Letter from parent stating the total amount* received.
  • Schedule C:

     - Tax documentation: Signed copies of previous two years of taxes. 
        This may be necessary if trying to show that current year’s income is an
        extraordinary amount compared to historical income.

     - High School Transcript: We require a high school transcript for
        admission consideration.

     - Test scores: We require the SAT or ACT exam for admission

     - Family Budget and Resource Statement: This form will be sent if it
        is indicated on your data form and/or FAFSA household income of ‘0’.

     - Verification of size of household: This form will be sent when there
        is a discrepancy with the number of individuals that are in your


*These forms are for freshman applicants ONLY. Transfer Students have a separate process.  

       Important Information

If you live in a single/two parent household, you will need to provide the following documents: 

  • A copy of your parent’s tax return transcript (see above). Parent signature is required on the 2nd page.
  • Copy of all W-2s


If your parent has a business: 


  • A copy of Schedule C must be sent along with 1040.

   - If Gross Receipts on Schedule C are $50,000 or more, we
     will also need previous 2 years 1040 and Schedule C.

   - If Gross Receipts on those 1040 are also $50,000 or more, 
     the student is deemed not historically disadvantaged.

   - If the Gross Receipts are below $50,000, then at the
     approval of the Financial Aid Office the student will be admitted. 


Since we have a limited number of seats for the program and receive hundreds of applications every year, it’s not possible for admissions to admit every student. Once the program is filled, a waitlist will be created. To be placed on the waitlist, you will need to notify the EOP Office.


Keep in mind, the process of applying for the EOP program can be a stressful journey. There may be many steps involved.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re confused or need additional information. We have Admissions and Financial Aid professionals here to assist you throughout the entire process. 


Our friendly EOP staff may also be an active part of this process and may contact you if items are missing from your application.


Please Note:


  • The EOP review process can be lengthy due to the additional financial verification steps.  On average, it takes more time to reach a final decision than the general admission process.  
  • The academic requirements for EOP are different at every SUNY College so admission is not guaranteed at Cobleskill.
  • Financial requirements for EOP are standardized and the same at every SUNY College.  


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