Federal Perkins Loan

Perkins Loans are funded with federal monies and the repayments of loans by previous SUNY Cobleskill borrowers. This award is a loan that must be repaid at an annual interest rate of 5 percent. First-time borrowers (after July 1, 1987) will not have to begin repayment until nine months after they stop being at least a half-time student. Loan cancellation privileges may be available for full-time teachers in a school designated by the Department of Education as being low income, for full-time teachers of handicapped children and for volunteers under the Peace Corps Act or the Domestic Volunteers Service Act.


The Perkins loan does not accrue interest. Payments are not due on the loan during the in-school period. Repayment begins nine months after the student leaves school and 5% simple interest is charged on the unpaid balance of the loan.


The Perkins loan is made with government funds, and the College contributes a share. Repayment of the Perkins loan is managed by the Student Loan Service Center at SUNY Central Administration.


If you have questions regarding repayment of your Perkins loan or a problem with delinquency of your Perkins repayment, contact the Student Loan Service Center at 518-525-2626.


*Federally limited aid programs administered by the Office of Financial Aid are called Campus-based aid programs. The federal government determines the amount of money the Office of Financial Aid can award to students. When all the funds are exhausted, awarding of this aid program stops.








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