Freshman Admission Requirements

  • You must graduate from an accredited high school, receive a certificate of completion from a home school program, which is in compliance with the laws of your home state, or earn a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).


    Requirements for admission to SUNY Cobleskill vary by academic program. All programs require solid preparation in English, mathematics and laboratory science. Freshman applicants are required to submit SAT or ACT scores. Some majors require additional course work. For a complete listing of these courses, click here.


    New York State residents seeking admission to the College's Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) must be found both academically and financially eligible. The EOP program provides academic support and supplemental financial aid to students who show promise for mastering college-level work but who may otherwise not be admitted. To be eligible, you must be a New York State resident for 12 months prior to enrollment, ineligible for admission under traditional standards but demonstrate potential for completing a college program, and in need of financial assistance within established income guidelines.


    You may be eligible to receive advanced standing credit when you enroll at SUNY Cobleskill. The College has developed transfer articulation agreements with a growing number of high schools, which provides students with college credit in specific areas. The College also awards college credit to students who receive a "3" or higher score on one or more College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement examinations.


    If you have any questions regarding our freshman admission requirements, send an email to

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