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Karina Benninger - Admissions Counselor & E-Recruiter at SUNY Cobleskill - Profile      

Karina Benninger

Assistant Director

Communications Coordinator


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Recruitment Territory: Long Island


Nassau and Suffolk Counties


What is one of your favorite things about SUNY Cobleskill? 

I love that the students get to work in such a hands-on capacity. Culinary students get to work in a kitchen, Agriculture students get to work on a farm, Early Childhood students get to work in a day care/preschool, etc. It's like getting real world experience right here on campus. I also love that the students get to be so involved with the community while they attend school here. A few years ago, I hired CAS (Cobleskill Auxillary Services) to cater my wedding. Not only was it absolutely DELICIOUS, but students had the opportunity to prepare, set up and serve the food - what a great learning experience!


What did you like best about your college experience? 

The best part of my college experience was becoming a more independent person and meeting new people. The friends I made in college are still my best friends now. I also loved having so many opportunities to get involved in activities on campus. I ran for the cross country and track team, participated in the campus radio and tv stations, worked for the college newspaper, became a teaching assistant for the radio production class, and took on as many internships as I could.


What advice would you give prospective students about choosing a college?

As cliche as it sounds, it is important for a college to be the right fit. I'm really  methodical in my approach to anything, so what I would suggest is to write a list of all the aspects of college life that are important to you - degree programs, cost, distance from home, sports, clubs, etc. Narrow it down to several colleges that include most of these aspects. Then, visit those colleges to get a feel for the environment. It never hurts to start early. Choosing a college can be overwhelming, so getting a head start before your senior year will help to avoid the stress. 


What is an interesting hobby or special talent that you have?

I love hiking, kayaking and generally exploring the wilderness and new places. I love to run and recently completed my first marathon - my next goal is to do a triathlon.