Additional Costs


Any Courses may be added or dropped without penalty during the period so designated and announced by the Registrar. After that official add/drop period has ended, typically the Friday of the first week of classes, add/drop forms with required signatures must be turned in to the Registrar’s Office. A $20 fee will be charged for each added course after the defined period has ended. Classes may not be dropped, only withdrawn from, after the designated Add/Drop period.

Housing Costs

The total room varies depending on room occupancy (double room=$3,300, single room=$3,630, superior single room=$4,950, suite double=$7,590, suite single=$5,445 all per semester) and meal plan choice. Resident students are required to have a 10 meal plan or greater, resident students are billed at the 17 meal plan rate=$2,133 and may select a different plan through Dining Services. Resident students are also billed a $25 dorm program fee once a year for educational and social programs and a dorm phone fee of $36 per semester.

Dorm damage

Students residing in residence halls will be held accountable for any costs of repairs or replacements to the physical structure, fixtures, equipment and furnishings of areas/rooms in state-operated residence halls which are reasonably determined to be caused by intentional, willful, malicious or negligent damage or destruction to said facilities. The charge will include labor costs. Damages will be assessed periodically.

Residence on Campus

Ten residence halls for eighteen hundred full-time students are provided on campus. The College maintains the right to require students to live on campus.

Room Rates

As of Fall 2013

Description Per Semester Per Year
Double Room 3,465.00 6,930.00
Standard Single Room 3,810.00 7,620.00
Superior Single Room 5,200.00 10,400.00
Suite Double Room 3,985.00 7,970.00
Suite Superior Single 5,717.00 11,434.00

Dorm fees are not included in above room rates.

Dorm Program Fee

A fee of $25 is assessed from each resident annually for educational and social programs.

Dorm Communications Fee

Local telephone service is available in each student room subject to the “Terms and Conditions” as provided by the Information Services or available at The dorm communications fee is $36 per semester.

Meal Plan

As of Fall 2013

Residential Students must purchase one of the dorm Meal Plans (Unlimited, 17 Meal Plan or the 14 Meal Plan), these plans have unlimited use of laundry facilities (a mandatory $55.00 fee is included).

2013-2014 Meal Plan Rate

Students residing off campus may purchase any of the meal plans, (no laundry use, $55.00 fee is not included).

CobyCash may be used in all CAS dining areas, College Bookstore and on-line vending. Additional CobyCash may be purchased in any amounts at any time by contacting the CobyCard Office 518-255-5886 or through

All meal plan charges are subject to change

Residence off Campus

Contract is payable directly to the homeowner.

Textbook Costs

Textbook costs depend on the requirements of the student’s particular program and the availability of used books. In general, the range is between $700 and $900 per year for textbooks and supplies.

Field Trip Costs

Field trips are required in some courses. Estimated costs of such trips are listed in the respective course descriptions.

Telephone Costs

All students will be charged a communication fee for:

  • Access to telephone equipment in several campus locations.
  • Full voice mail authorization from home or from campus.
  • Easy access to emergency messages while on campus.

Late Fees

All students who have not completed all financially-related obligations by the close of business on the semester due date will be charged a late registration fee of $40 and an administrative fee of up to $50.

Deferment fee is $50. Deferment of semester charges will be granted only upon proof of financial aid.

Late payment fee is $50. Once a payment plan is established and payment is late by more than 15 days, a late payment fee is assessed and the payment plan is terminated, the balance is then due in full.

If the College submits a debt for further collection, a billing fee of up to $50 is added to the debt already due and the total is submitted for collection.

Returned Check Fee

A returned check charge of $20 will be assessed for dishonored checks returned by the bank. Returned checks used for completion of your semester bill may also result in an assessment of an administrative fee of up to $50.

All costs are subject to change.

Above as of 6/19/13