Frequently Asked Questions

When will my payment be due?

Your payment will be due approximately two weeks prior to the start of each semester. Failure to pay your bill or make satisfactory arrangements with the College (completed financial aid deferral or payment plan application with required down payment) by the due date will result in up to a $50 administrative fee and a $40 late registration fee assessed following the deadline.


Where's my bill?

Students may view their account detail and billing statements/bills via the secure portion of our website (Banner Web). Students access Banner Web with their ID and PIN numbers (then choose Student Services, then QuikPAY. SUNY Cobleskill uses Electronic bills and emails notification of semester bills to the student's Cobleskill email address and emails to any authorized payers the student has set up through his/her Banner Web's QuikPAY link. The bill is based on registration in courses: any change to a student's schedule may affect the amount of the bill.  Room and meal plan changes may change the billed amount. Any miscellaneous charges added throughout the semester will change the billed amount (charges for such items as parking fines, library fines, conduct educator fees, Wellness Center fees and/or residential hall damage assessments).


Can I pay in installments?

Yes, with a completed application, application fee and down payment. We offer a semester payment plan, set up beginning with June’s payment for fall semester and with November for spring semester; four payments are to be made after your down payment. For enrollment after the June or November start date a larger down payment is required and the remaining number of payments would decline accordingly. The semester payment plan application is available online. There is also a semester three-payment plan which requires you to complete an application with application fee, and pay at least half of your charges by your semester bill due date. We will defer the balance in two payments, the first due approximately 30 days after the due date of the semester and the second, approximately 60 days after the due date of the semester. If you have questions regarding the payment plan options, please call the Student Accounts Office, 518-255-5539.


What if I change my mind after I have registered for courses?

Prior to the start of the semester, new students should inform the Admissions Office at 518-255-5525. Continuing students should complete the withdrawal process by contacting the Registrar’s Office, Knapp Hall, Lower Level, as soon as possible to avoid/minimize financial liability. Any delay in completing the proper withdrawal may result in additional charges. Never just walk away. You must officially withdraw. You are financially liable as soon as the semester begins. A SUNY refund schedule is in effect to reduce full-time tuition if you withdraw during the first four weeks of the semester. Due to strict federal regulations governing the use and distribution of Title IV financial aid, aid recipients will jeopardize their current eligibility if they fail to complete 60% of the semester. You are advised to consult with a financial aid advisor to discuss your individual case.


Why isn’t my tuition calculated using the resident rates?

Eligibility for in-state tuition is determined by the student’s domicile which must be in New York State for a period of at least one year immediately preceding the time of registration. Your domicile is the fixed and permanent home to which you intend to return whenever absent. Students that have inconsistent residency data, as identified by the Application Services Center are notified by a letter from our Admissions Office with an accompanying Resident Tuition Brochure. Unresolved residency discrepancies will result in a student being charged the out-of-state tuition rate. Your residency status must be proved by submitting a residency application and providing at least three approved types of documents that support your claim. The sole purpose of presence in that state to attend college does not meet your domicile requirement. Individuals who are financially dependent and whose custodial parent(s) lives in a state other than the State of New York are generally not eligible for the resident tuition rate. There are some exceptions to the domicile rule that may apply to military staff and to non-residents who have graduated from a New York high school. Please direct your questions concerning residency to the Director of Student Accounts, 518-255-5539.


My Financial Aid is more than my charges. When will I receive my refund?

Financial aid is applied in a first-in, first-applied order and refunds are not generated until the student’s account is paid in full. Since refunds are not readily available during the first four weeks, it is advisable to have other personal funds to pay for expenses, such as rent if you are living off campus or pay for your books. You may choose to take advantage of the Bookstore Credit option (through Student Accounts Office) and ask that your refund or a portion thereof (up to a maximum of $600), be transferred to bookstore credit activated on your CobyCard for use only at the College Store. You may also borrow a small amount based on your expected refund from approved aid, through Financial Aid Office using the Auxiliary Services Office’s short-term advance which is a loan with a minimal fee.


Refund checks are made payable to the student with the exceptions of parent PLUS loans and refunds of credit card payments. Refund checks are mailed to the permanent home address on file, but may be requested held for pickup at the Student Accounts Office.


Note: funds, for refund checks that are un-cashed after one year, are turned over to the State of New York as unclaimed funds. Once turned over, an owner would need to contact the Office of the State Comptroller, Office of Unclaimed Funds 110 State Street Albany, NY 12236; the phone number is 800-221-9311. The college notifies students of un-cashed checks before the year is up, so it is important to keep your address and contact information current with the college’s Registrar, 518-255-5522.


I applied late for my aid. I was selected for verification. What if my financial aid is not approved before my bill is due?

Until you submit the required paperwork to the Financial Aid Office, your financial aid cannot be approved. You may use the Three-payment Plan option and pay at least half your balance by the due date with a completed application and required fee. Once the second payment is due, your financial aid may be approved so you could defer your balance at that time. If you do not pay your payment by the due date, you will be charged a $50 late payment plan fee. Any aid awarded to you after your account is paid in full will be refunded to you once the College receives the funds.


What does it mean to have a “hold” on my account?

If a student has a financial obligation to the College, a “hold” is placed on the student’s records, preventing registration for a new term and the holding of records (including transcripts and diplomas) until all financial obligations have been paid. You can view your hold status via the secured section of our website with student ID and PIN numbers. Holds are posted to students’ accounts prior to the start of course selection for the next academic period. If you owe a past due debt to SUNY Cobleskill, there are state debt collection laws that will affect you. See Section 18 Notification for more information.


Oh no! My check bounced. What happens now?

A $20 dishonored check charge is assessed at the time your payment is removed from your account. You may also be charged a late payment fee in the amount of $50 for a balance due. If this payment was for completion of the semester obligation to receive your schedule you may also be assessed a $40.00 late registration fee. This is in addition to the fee your bank charges you. You may also be restricted to future payments by cashier’s check or money order if it occurs more than once.

Tell me about vehicle registrations and parking fines.

All vehicles parked on campus MUST display some type of permit. If the vehicle does not have a permanent sticker affixed, a temporary permit must be obtained through University Police.


Fines for parking violations are: $15 for the first violation; $20 for the second; $25 for all subsequent violations. All parking violations affecting parking spaces reserved for disabled patrons are $50. Appeals may be made by any person receiving a notice of violation within ten business days from the date of issuance. After the ten day period, the right to appeal expires and all violation charges and/or expenses incurred become automatically due and payable. Appeals may be filed at the University Police Department in Johnson Hall. You must bring the ticket with you to file an appeal. Violations should be paid at the Student Accounts Office within ten (10) business days of issuance.


Information concerning parking may be found at



Where do I go to get information concerning tax credits for tuition and expenses?

SUNY Cobleskill cannot determine if you qualify for tax benefits for financing your education. If you believe you might qualify, you should obtain IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Higher Education and review the criteria carefully. To obtain copies, call 1-800-TAX-FORM, or go to on the Internet, or consult your tax advisor. Your annual 1098T Tuition Statement is available for viewing through your BANNER WEB Student Account section by January 31 of each year.


Fee/costs referred to above are as of 2/28/11 and are subject to change.

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