NY State Residency

Residency Requirements for New York State Tuition Billing Purposes

At the State University of New York (SUNY) campuses, students are generally considered as New York State residents if they have established their domicile (fixed permanent home to which an individual intends to return whenever absent) in New York State for at least twelve months prior to the start of the semester. Mere presence in New York State such as to attend college does not meet the twelve-month residency requirement.


Students who are financially dependent and whose custodial parent(s) lives in a state other than New York are generally not eligible for the resident tuition rate.


Dependent students of divorced or legally-separated parents may acquire a New York State domicile if the custodial parent is a New York State resident or if the student resides with a non-custodial parent who is a New York State resident and the student intends to continue to reside with that parent throughout their attendance at SUNY.

For domicile rule exceptions pertaining to New York state high school attendance, GED, and military see resident brochure link.



Proof of Domicile

The campus relies on documents and circumstances such as the following to determine if an individual’s domicile is in New York State. For financially dependent students, the campus relies on documents relating to a parent(s) or legal guardian(s). A residency application plus documents supporting New York State residency must be submitted to the Student Accounts Office for processing. Students are notified by email of the residency decision.


  • Duration of physical presence in New York State.
  • State of residency of student’s family.
  • New York State voter registration.
  • New York State driver’s license.
  • New York State motor vehicle registration.
  • New York State real property ownership.
  • New York State residential rental lease.
  • New York State income tax returns.

Each individual SUNY campus is responsible for determining a student’s residency status. The campus determination is final.


Questions about residency and resident and non-resident tuition rates should be directed to the Student Accounts Office, Knapp Hall, Room 118a,


Students wishing to appeal the decision of their NYS Residency Application for Tuition Billing Purposes must submit the appeal in writing to "Residency Appeal Committee" and submit to Student Accounts, 106 Suffolk Circle, Cobleskill NY 12043. The decision of the campus residency committee is final.

  • Office of
    Student Accounts
  • Knapp Hall, Room 118A
  • Cobleskill, NY 12043
  • 518-255-5539
  • 518-255-5844 Fax
  • Monday - Friday
  • 8 am - 4:15 pm