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Program Information


Program Type        Age Range                     Capacity

Infant                      6 weeks -18 months              8
Toddler                    18 months - 3 years              24
Preschool                 3 years - 5 years                  39
School Age               5 years - 12 years                51



Children are offered participation in a wide variety of age appropriate, creative and stimulating activities. These include art, sensory play, music, science, dramatic play, math and manipulative, reading readiness activities, and activities to stimulate fine and gross motor development and language development. We take full advantage of the out-of-doors in all seasons of the year as well as expanding opportunities for learning, fun, and physical development through campus and community field trips.

We encourage children to become active and creative explorers. Our objective is to help children become enthusiastic learners and build positive attitudes toward obtaining knowledge. Information specific to your child's classroom about program will be given to you in the individual room handbook.

Infant room's program is determined by the needs and development of each of the children enrolled. Tiny Tot, Toddler, Preschool and School Age rooms have daily routines, but significant flexibility exists. Young children find a routine comforting as it helps them feel secure. Each classroom will offer the children different experiences based on their developmental needs, while providing the children with the opportunity to choose from various interest centers and activities. We also respect the individual talents and skills of the staff and we appreciate that each classroom has its own style.


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