The Cobleskill Creed

The State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill is committed to being an educationally purposeful community where all members—the faculty, staff and students—are dedicated to maintaining an enriching and just environment.


As a member of this community I understand that I am committed to this code of ethics and behavior that is civil, positive and responsible. Therefore, I will abide by and assist others in following these principles:


Pursue and support academic integrity and excellence.

I will make every effort to attend all of my classes and be an active participant.

I will accept responsibility for assignments and due dates.

I will devote quality time to support my scholarly pursuits.

I will become aware of and utilize campus support services and resources.

I will strive to be a positive role model in and out of class.

I will do my own work and give credit to the appropriate sources: I will not cheat, copy from others, or plagiarize.

I will strive to learn and achieve excellence by participating in a variety of educational experiences.


Practice and promote personal integrity.

I will be honest with myself and others.

I will abide by the Student Code of Conduct and encourage others to do the same.

I will stand up for what is right and just.


Embrace and respect diversity and equality.

I will accept and learn from others who are different from me.

I will participate in multicultural experiences and diversity workshops and encourage participation by others.

I will refuse to accept intolerant behaviors or attitudes in myself or others.


Respect myself, respect others and take responsibility for my actions.

I will take pride in my achievements and achievements of others.

I will practice a healthy lifestyle by eating well, getting plenty of rest exercising regularly, seeking medical attention as necessary and by not abusing substances (e.g. alcohol, drugs).

I will use respectful language and not offend others by my actions.


Respect and take pride in the campus environment.

I will respect college facilities and property and encourage others to do the same (e.g. residence halls, classroom furniture).

I will recycle and dispose of trash in proper receptacles (e.g. cigarette butts, gum, chew and beverage containers).

I will do my part in conserving energy and other resources.


Demonstrate genuine concern and compassion towards others.

I will support and welcome others by being sensitive, caring, helpful and considerate of all the members of the campus community.