Continuing Student Information

The information below is intended to assist you with your return to campus. Please consider all of these items when planning to ensure a smooth return.



Have you signed up for the campus Emergency Alert System?

Do you know when college breaks are for this semester?

Do you plan to rent or buy a refrigerator?

Do you know about Title IX?

Do you know where to find campus resources?

Do you know your way around campus?


Continuing students are expected to arrive on campus Sunday, January 21, 2018.


You can check into your residence hall beginning at 1 pm. If you reside off campus, please make arrangements with your landlord.


Reminder from the Registrar’s Office


Are you full-time?


Check your credit hour total, full-time students need to be enrolled in 12 credits or more. Being less than full-time can affect your financial aid, billing, athletic eligibility and eligibility to reside in the dorms.


Attendance in and/or withdrawing


Financial Aid is based on student registration and attendance of all classes throughout the semester. If at any time a student stops attending classes or school, either officially or unofficially, their financial aid could be reduced or terminated.  


A student must be in attendance at least until the 60% date of the semester in order to be fully eligible for federal aid. You are advised to consult with a financial aid advisor to discuss your individual case





How Do I Sign Up for the Campus Emergency Alert System?


The Campus Emergency Alert System is part of SUNY NY Alert service provided and maintained by the NYS Emergency Management Office. This system provides SUNY Cobleskill a mechanism to send timely emergency and safety information and protective action messages to the campus community. The system is capable of sending text messages, recorded voice messages, and e-mail messages to multiple addresses and phone numbers imputed into the system. This system is only used in true campus emergencies where members of the community are in danger of being in harm’s way.

Log onto Banner Web using your Student ID (800 number) and PIN. Click the link to Emergency Alert Contact Information to set up to receive e-mail, voice and text message alerts.


Important Dates for the Spring 2018 Semester


Sunday, January 21

All Students Arrive

Monday, January 22

First Day of Classes

Mon-Fri, March 19-23

Spring Break

Friday, May 11

Last Day of Classes

Saturday, May 12




Refrigerator Rental and Purchase Information


Refrigerator rental and purchase information can be found here.



Title IX: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Gender Discrimination


Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits all forms of sex discrimination in any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. Title IX protects you from sex discrimination in academics, activities, admissions, athletics, financial assistance, housing, recruitment and employment. It protects you both on and off campus.

SUNY Cobleskill has zero tolerance for illegal discrimination or harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking. Retaliation against anyone reporting a Title IX violation is prohibited. Anyone who experiences, observes or hears about an incident of sexual violence, harassment or sex discrimination must report it to the Title IX Coordinator or another campus official as soon as possible.

For additional Title IX resources, please go to: