Cost of Living on Campus

The cost of living on campus is broken down into three categories:


Below you will find a detailed outline of what is included in each of these categories and typical total cost of living on campus.


Room Rate (2015-2016)

Room Rate includes access to furnishings, amenities, staffing and services provided within each Residence Hall.


  • Each double room is furnished with two closets, two beds, two dressers, two desks, two desk chairs, one floor lamp or overhead light, one mirror, window blinds, and a telephone with on-campus service.
  • Laundry rooms are located in each residence hall for students to utilize the laundry swipes provided with their meal plan.
  • Single gender bathrooms are provided on each floor.
  • Lounges are available throughout each residence hall to meet the needs of the residents whether that be a location to hang out with friends or to study.
  • All residence halls have access to kitchenettes capable of warming light meals and preparing snacks. Included in these kitchenettes are a stove, oven, sink, and microwave.
  • The public areas of each residence hall are cleaned by building cleaning staff every weekday. The public areas that the cleaning staff tends to are the entrance ways, hallways, bathrooms, lounges, and garbage rooms.

Please note that the room rates below are per semester:

Double $ 3,785
Superior Single $ 4,165
Standard Single $ 3,975
Vroman Suite Double $ 4,165
Vroman Suite Superior Single $ 4,355
 Alumni Commons Suite $ 4,770
Alumni Commons Townhome $ 4,820


Meal Plans

Meal plans are offered through SUNY Cobleskill Auxiliary Services (CAS).
Meal plans vary in options to meet the needs of all residential and non-residential students. The options can include a designated number of meals on campus, bonus meals, CobyCash, Downtown Dollars, and access to laundry swipes. Please visit the CAS web page for options and prices.


Activity Fee

Residential students are charged an activity fee once a year. This fee is used to provide programming and activities on campus to the residents.


Typical Total Cost of Living on Campus Per Semester

Standard Room Rate $ 3,785
Standard Meal Plan $ 2,518
Activity Fee $ 25
TOTAL $ 6,328