Fake and Ten Eyck Residence Halls

Fake/Ten Eyck Complex



Fake and Ten-Eyck Halls are the home to our Freshmen Year Experience lifestyle.  In the Freshmen Year Experience, first-year students are housed together to create a supportive environment for these new students to transition to college life.



Fake and Ten-Eyck Halls are five story buildings set up in a corridor style with separate bathrooms for males and females.  Each building contains a main lounge that is bigger for larger group activities or multiple small group activities.  In addition each floor contains smaller lounges for floor residents. Each hall also has a kitchen available for student use. 


Room Styles

  • Standard Singles
  • Superior Singles
  • Doubles
  • Triples


Room Tour

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Ten Eyck Double Room Ten Eyck Double Room Fake Single Room


Please note that photos are a basic representation of rooms on campus.
Rooms may vary on the set-up and layout.


Fake Staff

FA 201601

Back Row (L to R): Romario Nicholas, Matthew Schaefer, Nick Trivolis, Garrett Heale, William Kelly (RD) Front Row: Chrystial Anderson, Annie Oswald (SRA), Jaimee Lord, Libby Camp, Briana Dominick 

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Ten Eyck Staff 


Front Row (L to R): Amethyst Noel, Karis Ahrens (SRA), Madison McKenna, Francesca Monaco, Cora Sharpe Back Row (L to R): Timothy Ryan, Jonathan Nielsen, Tyler Itzkowitz (RD), Sebastian Palacio, Christopher Clark 

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