Garrett Angulas

Why did you choose SUNY Cobleskill? 

I chose SUNY Cobleskill because during the recruitment process for lacrosse I came to campus for a visit and I could picture myself as a student here. I instantly felt like I belonged.


What is your major and class year? 

I'm in the Agricultural Engineering B.T. program and this is my second year.


What clubs or organizations are you involved in? 

I am in the Woodsman Club, which is a sports team open to anyone. We participate in different lumberjack events like the pole climb, ax throw, cross-saw, and pole toss. The pole climb is my favorite event. I tried it for the first time here and it was a cool experience. I also play midfield for the lacrosse team.


What is the best meal you've had on campus and where is your favorite place to eat? 

I really like the holiday themed meals at Champlin. Thanksgiving this year had everything; turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and apple cider. The best meals I've had are the Greek gyro or ribs.


Why do you like living on campus? 

There is no need to commute or spend money on gas. My friends all live on campus so I don't really have to go outside when I want to see them. There is custodial staff in the building that keeps things really clean. My building is close to my classes and the dining hall, the fitness center and the library; the library is key.  I also really like that the rooms here are bigger than at other schools, and the RAs and RDs are really cool. 


What is your floor like and what types of amenities does your building offer? 

I live on the main floor in Wieting Hall which has three floors. The main floor has a really nice lounge that was recently redesigned with a kitchen that students are always cooking in; it always smells so good in the building. My RA is also really cool. 


Why do you like your RA? 

He's just like, one of the guys, but he helps when other students are acting up. He is really easy to talk to and he checks in with each of us as individuals. 


Anything else you'd like to tell people about SUNY Cobleskill? 

Professors here really care about their students. The classes are small so it is easy to reach out for help and they all know me by name. All the staff here is really great. Make sure you say hi and put yourself out there. It's so easy to make friends if you are open. Go to events on campus. Some of my favorites were the BBQ, the block party and laser tag. I also really like that we show pre-release movies, that we have comedians come on campus, and that the Wellness Center puts on programs like "Sex Discussed Here" and "Undrafted." 



For questions about living on campus, contact the Residential Life Office at (518)-255-5215 or by email

Garrett Angulas