Ryan Sinclair

Why did you choose SUNY Cobleskill?

I transferred to SUNY Cobleskill because I wasn't getting the hands on experience I wanted at my previous, larger institution and Cobleskill was more financially feasible. 


What is your major and class year? 

I'm a third year transfer student (Junior) in the Wildlife Management B.S. program 


What clubs or organizations are you involved in? 

I'm a Student Assistant in the Residential Life Office and I am a Night Host for my building. 


What is the best meal you've had on campus and where is your favorite place to eat? 

The burrito bowls in Prentice with steak, corn, yellow rice, pico de gallo, ghost pepper cheese, spicy salsa, black beans, sour cream and guacamole. The stir fry in Prentice is also really good


Why do you like living on campus? 

It's very convenient especially for mornings where you have to start early. you get to sleep in a little bit more since you don't have to commute. I wake up at 7:51 AM for an 8:00 AM lab


What is your floor like and what types of amenities does your building offer? 

Alumni Commons in the best. you get personal space and a community feeling. The kitchen is a big bonus because I like to make Caribbean food.


Why do you like your RA? 

He knows what he is doing and answers my questions. He is always open to talk and I'm comfortable seeking him out when I need him.


Anything else you'd like to tell people about SUNY Cobleskill? 

Don't room with someone you already know, meet somebody completely new and from a different major. I've become really close with my two previous roommates and we are life long friends! 




For questions about living on campus, contact the Residential Life Office at (518)-255-5215 or by email ResidentialLife@cobleskill.edu

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