Ryan Walsh

Why did you choose SUNY Cobleskill? 

I picked SUNY Cobleskill because their Golf Course Management program is second to none. 


What is your major and class year? 

I'm a first year student in the Turf Management B.S. program. 


What clubs or organizations are you involved in? 

I play for the Fighting Tigers Golf Team!  


What is the best meal you've had on campus and where is your favorite place to eat? 

I really like the breakfast sandwiches at Prentice Cafe. I usually get a plain bagel, toasted with butter, bacon, egg and American cheese. I also enjoy Twisted Whiskers or Champlin because of the variety they offer. 


Why do you like living on campus? 

I like living on campus because you get to meet new people with various interests and you get "the college experience." You get to see some interesting things too, and there are always groups of people around. 


What is your floor like and what types of amenities does your building offer? 

I live in a superior single on the second floor and I cherish it, I clean my room every night. We all also have control over own own heat, there is a laundry room in the building and we have a pool table. My floor also has a big lounge with a TV. The staff is amazing and our RD (Resident Director) is really friendly and open. 


Why do you like your RA? 

I like that he's really funny, kind, nice and easy to talk to. He also went golfing with me which was pretty cool. 


Anything else you'd like to tell people about SUNY Cobleskill? 

We have a fully functioning farm which gives a unique turf experience. We have chipping greens on the campus which is nice. This place is actually amazing! 



For questions about living on campus, contact the Residential Life Office at (518)-255-5215 or by email ResidentialLife@cobleskill.edu

Ryan Walsh