Yamel Pena

Why did you choose SUNY Cobleskill? 

I picked SUNY Cobleskill because I love food and I went to a Food and Finance High School. I got a tour of Cobleskill and really liked that it had smaller class sizes and they were accommodating with my need for extra time on tests and assignments. I also like that we have a farm on campus with all the animals! 


What is your major and class year? 

I'm a third year student (Junior) in the Culinary Arts B.S. program. I like how hands-on it is.


What clubs or organizations are you involved in? 

I used to be in Hall Council in Pearson Hall, but I'm really busy. I do a lot of catering events for things that happen on campus.


What is the best meal you've had on campus and where is your favorite place to eat? 

I really like the meals we cook in class because it is something totally different. I like the make your own waffle station in Champlin and the pizza and burritos in Prentice. The coffee in the Brickyard Brewhouse is really good too. 


Why do you like living on campus? 

It's really easy to get around campus. You can get late night snacks at Twisted Whiskers and everything is really convenient. 


What is your floor like and what types of amenities does your building offer? 

I like how quiet it can be, and since I'm in a suite in Alumni Commons, my kitchen is my favorite thing. I like that I only have to share my bathroom with one other person and we just take turns cleaning it. We have family meals every Sunday! 


Why do you like your RA? 

He is really nice and easy to talk to and he is always glad to answer questions that we have.


Anything else you'd like to tell people about SUNY Cobleskill? 

Everybody is helpful here. It doesn't matter what building you live in, everyone is just really helpful, so don't be afraid to ask questions. The professors and chefs are really great and helpful and there are a lot of jobs available on campus! 



For questions about living on campus, contact the Residential Life Office at (518)-255-5215 or by email ResidentialLife@cobleskill.edu

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