Wieting Residence Hall

Wieting Hall


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Wieting Hall offers our Sophomore Year Experience. The Sophomore Year Experience is available for continuing or transfer students that have completed 24 credits or more toward their degree. This lifestyle offers students the ability to live in an environment of their choosing and develop their ideal foundation for academic advancement.



Wieting Hall is a two story building set up in a corridor style with separate bathrooms for males and females. The building contains a main lounge that is bigger for larger group activities or multiple small group activities. The main lounge contains a kitchen for student use. In addition each floor contains smaller lounges for floor residents. 


Room Styles

  • Superior Singles
  • Doubles


Room Tour

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Wieting Double Room Wieting Double Room  


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Wieting Staff

WI 201709


(L to R): Chantel Smith, Cody Flanagan, Cameron Kirkland, Analysa Fredrick,  Caitie Carroll (RD),  Melissa Mulligan, , Mike Cammer (SRA). 


The Director of Wieting Hall is Caitie Carroll. 
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Caitie at CarrolCA@cobleskill.edu or by phone (518) 255-5176.