Strategies for Ecological Education, Diversity, and Sustainability (SEEDS)

Strategies for Ecological Education, Diversity, and Sustainability (SEEDS) is a student chapter of the Ecological Society of America. SEEDS is dedicated to changing the campus for the better of the environment and to open people's eyes to healthier ways of living and alternate ways of functioning in the modern society.

The club is currently working to establish green projects on campus such as compost bins, bicycle repair shops, and greenhouse grown herbs. They have held educational workshops on Primitive Survival Skills, Herbal Medicine with Local Herbs, and informational lectures on local farming. They have many big plans for the future and have taken respectable steps towards those goals.

Currently, the SEEDS students are focusing on a grant funded program they created called "Coby Free Ride". Many students on campus have reported that biking on campus is difficult for many reasons: lack of service and repair, difficulty finding bike racks downtown, and a lacking Bicyclist community. The SEEDS members have been working hard to solve these issues to improve the bike culture on campus. They have requested that downtown business begin utilizing the bike racks that have been stored away in recent years. They are working to create an on campus bike culture. And most impressively, through a sizeable donation of parts from Cobleskill's own Dr. Cash, and funds from a competitive grant and a student government organization they have raised enough money and material to purchase a trailer and offer free bike repair services. The students recognized that they needed a "place" for a bike repair clinic and had the fantastic idea to use a small enclosed trailer that they can transport to town and campus events to offer bike repair services. They have already begun offering these services on campus and next Fall will have a much larger campaign to promote bike use on campus.

Club Advisors

Dr. Andrew Gascho Landis

Assistant Professor

Department of Fisheries,
Wildlife and Environmental Science


Adam Wild

Visiting Instructor

Animal & Plant Science