Student Health Insurance

The Student Health Insurance Plan is automatically included on your semester's bill if you are a full time student. If you have your own health insurance you have the option of waiving out of the Student Health Insurance Plan by using the waiver form. Please consider the following in making your decision:

Your current Insurance policy must be comparable to college plan and serviceable in this area (not exclusively emergency room services).

Your current insurance may not cover the types of expenses most frequently incurred by college age individuals such as outpatient referrals, or may cover them only after a deductible or copayment; the Student Health Insurance Plan helps cover those expenses.

If your current coverage is through an HMO or PPO out of the Cobleskill area, services locally may be limited or may be charged to you at a higher, non-preferred rate. We encourage you to contact your health insurance company to investigate your coverage in the Cobleskill area.

Coverage through parents' policies may end on a student's birthday, i.e., ages 19, 23, or 25.

The college Student Health Insurance Plan provides an important level of coverage in addition to Medicare or Medicaid, if those are your only coverages, allowing you greater flexibility and choice in the event of an illness. Summer insurance coverage is also available by contacting the Wellness Center.

You will need to complete this waiver process annually and also if there is any change in your personal insurance, while you are enrolled at SUNY Cobleskill.

The campus insurance plan is also available for part-time students, and spouses and dependents of all enrolled students. Please visit if you wish to enroll.