Mission and Goals of the SUNY Cobleskill Beard Wellness Center

The mission of the SUNY Cobleskill Wellness Center is to provide counseling, health care, and health education services in support of the academic mission of the campus.
In an effort to promote academic excellence, our primary goal is the prevention and resolution of physical and mental health problems students may experience in an effort to promote academic excellence, healthy lifestyles and student retention. To this end, we engage in the following endeavors:


  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of physical illnesses and injuries
  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues
  • Promotion of healthy behaviors to reduce the likelihood of limited functioning, poor academic outcomes, and/or shortened lifespan
  • Prevention of the spread of communicable diseases
  • Education on appropriate access to, and utilization of, physical and mental health care resources
  • Development and maintenance of collaborative relationships with other professionals
  • Provision of training for the campus community on student health and development topics
  • Maintenance of a strong quality assurance and risk management program


We are committed to clarifying, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our students, as well as maintaining our own wellness in order to deliver our services effectively.