100 Day Centennial Countdown

September 22, 2015 marked 100 days until the beginning of our Centennial Celebration! For the next 10 weeks we will share with you pieces of our campus’ history by decade. If you are interested in our rich history, the Alumni Association has produced a book capturing 100 years of SUNY Cobleskill. You can purchase the book from the Advancement Office located in 211 Knapp Hall or online here.

Click on the photos for an enlarged view. 


Parade Prep 1970s


Students preparing for the annual fall parade in the 1970s.



Ski Lodge 1970


Photo from the college-owned Ski Lodge in the early 1970s.




Ski Slope 1961


Students take an opportunity to ski down the hill from the Old Quad in 1961.



Soccer Team 1962


The first official soccer team at SUNY Cobleskill began in 1962. Many of the players were from Kenya and coached by longtime faculty member Bob McGuire.



Thanksgiving Parade 1969


Even students participated in the Cobleskill Village Thanksgiving Parade, pictured here in 1969.



Orientation 1960s

In the 1960s and 70s, freshmen were given caps at orientation to wear during their first week on campus. This alerted upperclassmen to ask questions about their experiences and to offer advice. Today, T-shirts given to freshmen during orientation serve a similar purpose.




Commencement 1950

Commencement was traditionally held on the Old Quad in early May. This photo is from 1950 when we graduated 125 students.




Surveying Class

Faculty member Norman J. Curtis instructs students in land surveying on the lawn of the Old Quad in 1949. Dr. Curtis received his baccalaureate degree from Kansas State and his PhD from Rutgers.



Apple Picking in the 30s

In the mid-1940’s, two female students take a tractor application course. With many men away during World War II, the female population on campus soared, and women took over many farm duties.



commencement 1940s

In the early 1940's, Commencement was held at the beginning of May on the Old Quad. Female graduates were required to wear white.




Football Team in the 30s

SUNY Cobleskill’s short-lived football team pictured in the 1930s. Union College in Schenectady, New York donated some of their old uniforms to our team.


Nursery School in the 30s

Early childhood education is seen at the college in the 1936. Since the development more than 80 years ago, this program has been nationally recognized.


Apple Picking in the 30s

Students and faculty are seen picking apples on the campus orchard in the fall of 1934. The original orchard was just down the hill from Old Gym and agricultural students along with faculty utilized it for teaching. Today students still work with various trees around the campus.




Breaking Ground in the 20s

A crowd gathered as oxen were used to break ground for one of the four original buildings in the 1920’s. Today, these original structures are referred to collectively as the Old Quad.




Planting Orchard

Students plant the original campus orchard in 1918 just below what is now Wheeler Hall.


Barrel Making Class

A barrel-making class held in Frisbie Hall basement in 1918.