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Campus Improvements

SUNY Cobleskill is committed to providing students with exceptional academic and campus facilities. The campus is currently in the process of a multi-faceted plan that will improve services and provide students with increased opportunities and a richer campus experience. We are proud of our campus and appreciate your patience while we make SUNY Cobleskill the best it can be.



Current Projects


Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Commons




Campus Site Infrastructure Upgrades – Phase II

This project is the continuation [2nd phase] of the campus master plan designed to upgrade its site infrastructure. The scope of this phase includes the walkways, ramps, stairs, storm piping, structures, and landscaping around Vroman and Wieting Halls. This work will finish the walkways started throughout the middle quad giving the majority of the east campus fully accessible routes. The project also involves extensive upgrades around Prentice Hall including the patio.


Campus Contact: Allan Quinn (518) 255-6241
Landscape Architect: Trowbridge Wolf Michaels
Engineers: Shumaker Engineering and Watts Architecture and Engineering
Contractor: HMA
Construction Value: $1,400,000
Estimated Completion Date: August 2014



Provide Water and Storm Sewer Improvements


SUNY Cobleskill receives its supply of water from the Village of Cobleskill municipal system that fills the school's 500,000 gallon storage tank which is located at the northwest edge of campus. Municipal water feeds the campus system through a meter pit and pump station located near Warner Hall in the northeastern area of the campus. This water is pumped into the tank at night during low demand and supplies the campus during the day. The high water level in the tank is at elevation 1,135. The existing water storage tank base elevation is at approximately 1,100 ft. The storage tank was cleaned and inspected in 2000 as part of a contract for water supply system upgrades. To extend the life of the tank a full refurbishing is planned for the summer of 2013. The project will also include replacement of many of the main waterlines throughout campus to provide the necessary fire flow rates to most of the buildings on campus.


Campus Contact – Allan Quinn (518) 255-6241
Engineer – C&S Companies
Contractor – Casale
Construction Value - $2,700,000
Construction Completion – August 2014



Sidewalk Construction for Safety


With the opening of the Center for Environmental Science and Technology it has become necessary for the safety of students attending classes at the facility to have a sidewalk constructed from the intersection of Route 7 and Schoharie Parkway North to Saratoga Avenue and then on to the new building. Last fall 2013 the campus constructed the upper portion of the sidewalk along Saratoga Avenue. This late summer or early fall the campus hopes to construct the remaining portion of the sidewalk and crosswalk, fully connecting the intersection at Route 7 and Schoharie Parkway North, to the Dairy Complex / Center for Environmental Science and Technology.


Campus Contact – Allan Quinn (518) 255-6241
Architect / Engineer - OGS
Contractor – Campus
Construction Value - $90,000
Construction Completion – October 2014

Getting Around Campus    

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All entrances and exits are currently open for all buildings, except around the  Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources building construction site.